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How Companies Benefit
How Companies Benefit

Driving efficiencies, generating cost savings, improving business performance and providing value to underperforming assets.

The Media Purchasing Process
The Media Purchasing Process

Aligning with client goals and forecasting future needs.

Leader’s Magazine: Global Growt
Leader’s Magazine: Global Growth

An Interview with Dean Wilson, Chief Executive Officer, International Division, Active International   EDITORS’ NOTE Dean Wilson joined Active ...

Leaders Magazine: Not Your Traditional
Leaders Magazine: Not Your Traditional Corporate Trading Model

What are the biggest challenges facing providers of hotel accommodations?   One of the main challenges that the hospitality industry faces in any mar ...

Apparel Magazine: Restoring the Value
Apparel Magazine: Restoring the Value of Excess Inventory

Though it's only June, many retailers are beginning to plan for the upcoming holiday season. There is no doubt most retailers are bulking up their supply ch ...

Western Hotelier Magazine: Canadian Bu
Western Hotelier Magazine: Canadian Business Travelers Find Hotels Lacking on Some Important Priorities

Canadian Business travelers find hotels lacking on some important priorities. Hotels are missing the mark in a couple of key areas, according to a recent s ...