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Corporate trade

What Is Corporate Trade

Corporate Trade drives extra value for your business by allowing you to use your inventory to fund media budgets.
Corporate Trade allows clients to:

  • Realize extra value from excess/slow-moving inventory or short-coded products
  • Increase marketing budgets using inventory
  • Drive guaranteed new/incremental sales

We have four model solutions that can be tailored to our clients’ unique requirements:

Are you:
  • Holding excess inventory that is depreciating in value and taking up costly warehouse space?
  • Spending at least $500K per year on advertising campaigns on TV, Radio, Digital, Social, Outdoor, or Print?
Do you want to:
  • Release the value in this inventory to fund other costs within your business?
  • Recover the value of a write down of the inventory on your balance sheet?
  • Free up shelf/warehouse space for higher margin, faster selling product?
Our Solution – The Value Restoration Model
  • 1. We purchase the inventory from you at up to 3X the market value in Trade Credits (a Prepaid Expense).
  • 2. The inventory we purchase is remarketed under restrictions set by you.
  • 3. We work with your marketing team, procurement team, and media agency to use the Trade Credits to part fund media costs.
  • 4. All media is delivered at your negotiated rates, prices and quality.
  • 5. After spending the Trade Credits, you will have received the same cash flow as though you had sold the inventory at full value for cash.

Are you:
  • Finding it difficult to gain stand out against higher spending competitors?
  • Holding stocks of product that you want to release value from?
  • Facing significant business costs which could see your marketing spend reduced?
Do you want to:
  • Increase marketing spend to gain greater awareness and cut through?
  • Release the value in the stock you hold to make space for newer, higher margin product?
  • Protect your marketing budget in the face of wider business pressures by part funding the costs in product?
Our Solution – The Value Restoration Model
  • 1. We work with your media agency to identify and recommend areas of your marketing plan which could be part funded with stock.
  • 2. We estimate the amount of your marketing plan which could be funded using your product
  • 3. Your media agency negotiate your plan, delivering your price, value and position guarantees as normal (we do not affect the quality /price of media you buy)
  • 4. You pay for the plan either directly to us or via your agency paying part cash and part product
  • 5. We sell the product we receive as payment under the restrictions set by you

Are you:
  • Looking for new markets, customers, or distribution channels?
  • Unable to see tangible sales from your marketing spend?
  • Looking for a solution without trade credits?
Do you want to:
  • Drive new business with new customers?
  • Deliver direct to the consumer sales?
  • Sell more high value product?
  • Gain measurable ROI from your marketing spend?
Our Solution – The Value Restoration Model
  • 1. We work with your media agency to identify and recommend media opportunities in your plan which we can trade.
  • 2. We estimate the percentage/volume of new business that we will generate from the media plan. In exchange for placing your media campaign through Active, we guarantee to purchase an agreed amount of your product back (typically a percentage of your advertising campaign value).
  • 3. Any new business we purchase is incremental to the new business which you expect the plan to deliver organically.
  • 4. Your media agency negotiates rates and creates your media plan as usual.
  • 5. Our Media Buyers purchase your media per plan, achieving the same price, value, and position guarantees set forth by your agency (we do not affect the quality/price of media you buy).
  • 6. Your agency will invoice you for the plan as normal.
  • 7. On receiving the full payment for the media campaign, we will purchase the agreed new business % value.
  • 8. Products purchased by Active will be traded with clients and media partners.

Do you :

  • Want to promote your brand but are in the midst of a cash crunch.
  • Have saleable front-line inventory on hand.
  • Want to reduce inventory carrying costs.

Our Solution – Trade for Trade

Keep your brand top of mind with consumers, even when media budgets are tight. Use Active’s Trade for Trade solution to run a media campaign funded entirely by your inventory – no cash outlay.

Here’s how:

  1. 1. You identify an inventory for trade-in
  2. 2. You provide details on your desired media plan
  3. 3. Active evaluates your inventory and media plan to determine eligibility for the Trade for Trade program
  4. 4. Active sells the inventory through brand-safe channels
  5. 5. Active provides you with media worth, at minimum, 100% of your inventory value, all the way up to 125% of market value (anything over 100% is dependent on the nature of the inventory, Active’s ability to move it quickly, media planned and Active’s trading relationships, timing, etc.)

Result? Your media campaign is paid for using your inventory; no cash outlay required. 

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