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Corporate Trade

What Is Corporate Trade

Corporate Trade drives extra value for your business by allowing you to use your unsold product inventory to fund media budgets.

We can help you unlock value and drive growth to help your business reach its full potential with our media solutions backed by corporate trade.

Here’s how we do it:

Dealing with inventory is a common business challenge.

Often, it’s sold at a loss to free up warehouse space. But that means a write-down and tighter budgets, making it difficult to invest in future growth.

Shareholder expectations remain high, but how are you supposed to do more with less? Nevermind keeping up with the constantly evolving digital landscape and changing consumer shopping patterns, expectations and demands.

We’ll help you recover the write-down on your excess inventory and use this to part-fund media, meaning no budget cuts or impact on your bottom line. And more money to spend on getting ahead of the curve.

We help you reimagine what’s possible so your business reaches its full potential.

How it Works

  1. 1. We buy inventory from you at up to three times the market value. In return, you get trade credits to use as a cash alternative to pay for advertising and media.
  2. 2. The inventory we purchase is discreetly remarketed under restrictions set by you. So no need to worry about reputation management.
  3. 3. We work with your marketing team, procurement team and media agency to use the trade credits to part fund media costs.
  4. 4. Your agency negotiates the rates, price and quality of the media to meet your needs.
  5. 5. Your cash flow remains the same as if you’d sold the inventory at full value for cash.

Keeping up with the speed of change.

In our age of unprecedented consumer disruption, there’s constant pressure to think upstream and keep up with the speed of change.

The evolving digital landscape offers opportunities for new revenue streams and growth, but the pressures of today like cashflow challenges and the demand to deliver ever more ROI for clients leave you with little capacity to capitalize on these.

Gain. Retain. Compete.

You’d like to gain, retain and compete for more clients but you’re overworked with managing constant change. You thrive in innovation but you’re time-starved, and there’s not always enough attention dedicated to crafting new, bespoke services to get you to where you want to be. Our corporate trade media solutions can help.

With Active, you can offer corporate trade solutions to help existing client media budgets go further and attract new clients with an appealing offer. We help you reimagine what’s possible so your business reaches its full potential.

Together, we can achieve more.

  • Gain, retain and compete for more clients with attractive corporate trade solutions
  • Ease cash flow challenges and avoid budget cuts by keeping client budgets whole
  • Align resources and capacity with client demand with outsourced media buying options


How we work with agencies

We can partner and collaborate in a few different ways, depending on your situation and needs.

1 We collaborate with a client’s existing media agency

We don’t replace a client’s agency. Rather we work together to execute all or part of their media plan with corporate trade credits.

2 We offer outsourced corporate trade solutions

Allowing you to open up new revenue streams and improve client retention by offering attractive corporate trade solutions to your client base.

3 We offer outsourced media services

You can focus on what you do best and leave media buying and planning to a trusted, independent and like-minded agency with global clout.


A competitive and fragmented media market.

Advertising and media budgets are a big budget line item for clients and are often the first to be cut in challenging times. Layer in the fragmentation of the media marketplace, and media owners can see a huge knock-on impact on their business. Some struggle to hit the profits needed to invest in emerging technology to evolve and compete.

Our corporate trade solutions for media owners can help.

In a highly competitive marketplace, it might feel like price wars are the only option. But with Active, there is another way.

Our corporate trade media solutions can help you overcome cash flow challenges, freeing you to invest in future growth. We help media owners like you reimagine what’s possible to reach your full potential.

Together, we can achieve more.

  • Get financial support for tech enhancements to evolve and compete
  • Keep client budgets whole and more money in the media ecosystem
  • Upfront investments you can rely on, rather than promises of future payments

How we work with media owners

We partner with hundreds of media owners worldwide to solve challenges & keep more advertising dollars in-market.

1. We invest in your business

We make a non-disclosed investment with you to help overcome a short-term challenge. Like covering the cost of a sales conference, for example.

2. You provide us with media space

In return, you provide us with a negotiated amount or “bank” of quality media space.

3. Clients buy with cash & trade credits over time

Our clients and their agencies then use their trade credits to part fund advertising using this negotiated media space. This protects client budgets from cuts, or can help boost their long-term media investments.

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