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News and Insights

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The C-Suite Guide to Corporate Trade

Businesses today are faced with tremendous pressure to navigate between now and next. EBITDA is everyone’s responsibility, and Senior Executives are tasked with uncovering and bringing opportunities to the table that will drive efficiency and v ...

The Financial Director’s Guide to Corporate Trade

Businesses today are faced with tremendous pressure to navigate between now and next. EBITDA is everyone’s responsibility, and financial professionals are tasked with ...


Putting the ROI Back in Sponsorships with Corporate Trade

By Steve Muscat, VP Strategic Partnerships In a precision-marketing world, there are some who say the art of mass reach and brand building is losing its way. Tried-and-true methods of building brands are set aside in favour of data-driven programm ...

What The C-Suite Should Know About Programmatic Media

Originally published on - click here to view the original article By Darren Riley, SVP International Media with Active International, and an expert in global media negotiation. Across 35-plus years in the media business, I’ve obser ...

Satisfying commercial solutions

As published by Retail World August issue 2021. Active International's Head of Commercial Cameron Baxter discusses his recent appointment and the evolution of corporate trade in Australia. You have been recently appointed the new Head of Commerci ...


Globe & Mail: Canada’s Best Workplaces

Canada's Best Workplaces 2021 "High-trust, high-performance cultures stand out. In challenging times, these organizations show we are Better Together." Active Interna ...

Celebrating Diversity with a Live Cook-Along

  We partnered with the China National Tourist Office London and marketing consultant specialists Make it China to help organise an event that would bring our i ...

Launching our new podcast series What’s Next

Launching officially on 26th January, Karim Kanji from the Candian Active International office will be hosting and interviewing guests from around the world for their p ...


#Media360 Webinar- The Everchanging Face Of Privacy

The laws governing privacy in Canada are undergoing rapid change, particularly for organizations that collect and use the personal information of their clients and customers. These changes have been driven by both public and government concerns, but ...

Webinar : Putting the ROI back into Sponsorships

Listen to Active International's Steve Muscat, VP Strategic Partnerships, as he explores on how Sponsorships can be an impactful way to build mass reach and brand equity, but can be overlooked in the media mix. This webinar, originally hosted for mem ...

Webinar: How Marketing and Supply Chain Can Team Up to Achieve More

Today's unsettling disruptive conditions have underscored the need for businesses to expect the unexpected. Some of the best brands out there are strategically using their Supply Chain as a differentiator.  This webinar, originally hosted for member ...

Success stories

Post Consumer Brands

“Active’s inventory solution helps us recover write downs, reduce our cost of sales, and improve our overall profitability. What started as a single transaction quickly turned into many, and we have since built Active’s trading model int ...

Canadian Tire Corporation

“The Active team is wonderful to work with. They are always collaborative not only with us but with our AOR and in times of success and challenges. They proactively offer solutions and adapt to our needs to ensure they deliver value to CTC.” C ...


“We have been in a successful partnership with Active International for several years. Active has consistently succeeded in reselling our stock and have allowed us to keep the media plan unaltered and aligned to our business strategies and the K ...

Press releases

Great Place To Work Certified 2022

  Toronto, ON -Active International Canada is proud to announce that for the fourth year in a row we have been certified as a Great Place to Work® after a thorough, independent analysis conducted by Great Place to Work Institute® Canada ...

Active International Named one of Canada’s Best Workplaces for Women in 2022

Active International, an independent media agency specializing in Corporate Trade, is proud to announce on International Women’s Day that they have been one of Canada’s Best Workplaces for Women for the second consecutive year. [See: Newswire ...

Press Release: Active International Expands Beyond Media, Securing New Trading Partnerships

Lamb Creative Group, AXIS Integrated, Bruce Clay, Canada Sanitization Solutions and Render Media Among Their New Trading Partner Network   (Toronto, ON) April 21, 2021 – Active International, a media and asset solutions company and ...

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