Businesses today are faced with tremendous pressure to navigate between now and next. EBITDA is everyone’s responsibility, and Senior Executives are tasked with uncovering and bringing opportunities to the table that will drive efficiency and value to the business.

Corporate Trade is a smart strategy to unlock cashflow and deliver financial flexibility as businesses balance delivering on today’s needs with tomorrow’s vision. This guide offers an in-depth look at Corporate Trade through the lens of a C-Level Executive. It will equip you with insight, questions, examples and best practice to help along your path.

In this guide:

  • Evaluate whether your business is a good Corporate Trade candidate
  • Identify areas of untapped value that can have an immediate impact on your financial performance
  • Understand 2 basic types of Corporate Trade transactions and identify which is right for your business
  • Accounting for a Corporate Trade transaction
  • Meaningful questions to ask a Corporate Trade provider
  • Outline best practice in implementing a Corporate Trade partnership in your business


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