This appliance manufacturer was looking to drive awareness and sales of their products, which were sold primarily through dealers, and had just launched an e-commerce offering.

The client came to Active to execute a programmatic media campaign, and wanted to measure success based on a CPC benchmark used by their previous agency.

Active Innovation:

  • Active educated the client on the drawbacks of optimizing to a CPC:
  • Users that click may not necessarily be converting, and the CPC metric disregards users that see the ad and visit the site at a later time (view-throughs).
  • Active recommended that an engagement metric be used as the KPI instead.
  • Due to the high-ticket nature of the products, daily sales were limited and thus provided little data for programmatic optimization.
  • Instead, Active placed pixels across the client’s website to track key engagements, which provided more data for the machine learning algorithms to leverage and optimize towards.

Achieving More:

  • By tracking engagements site-wide, Active was able to help the client identify qualified leads and target ads towards users demonstrating higher intent rather than simply generating clicks to the website.
  • Active was also able to exceed website traffic by more than 15%.