This well-known frozen food manufacturer was planning for the Canadian launch of a new product under a new brand name, with the goal of targeting millennials.
Due to the nature of the product, its use needed to be demonstrated and explained, and it was not conducive to a traditional television spot.
The client did not have a large media budget, and was challenged with the task of driving awareness and buzz around a more complex product message.

Active Innovation:

Through its relationships with media partners, Active developed a product integration media plan to make the most impact with the budget available. The plan included:

  • Live demonstrations by a chef on Breakfast Television (one of the top breakfast shows in Canada) in 4 major markets
  • A launch event at popular millennial art experience Nuit Blanche (sampling, demonstrations, social media and influencer posts, and live on location radio broadcast by Kiss 92.5).
  • It was supported with OOH and television closed captioning placements to build awareness and frequency.

Achieving More:

  • Utilizing their trade credits with Active, the client was able to achieve 25% more media value for their budget, paying only $400K cash and trade credits combined for a media plan valued at over $500K.
  • Given that it was a product demonstration on live TV and not a traditional commercial, minimal production costs were incurred.
  • The dollar value of audience engagement watching a live demonstration on one of Canada’s top breakfast shows, versus a traditional TV ad, is incalculable.

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