This manufacturer of consumer electronics in Canada was looking to promote their Holiday Sale and increase awareness of the brand’s new High End and Entry Level products through a radio campaign. However, given marketplace demand, radio was not available for the desired campaign timing.

Active Innovation:

  • Active proposed a Digital Audio campaign as a viable solution.
  • The campaign involved :30 audio pre/mid/post-roll for 2 weeks in the GTA during the Holiday period.
  • Targeting included Demo, Behavioural, and RON.

Achieving More:

By running a Digital Audio campaign, the client was able to reach their desired audience during the key Holiday season.

The campaign generated:

  • 2.4 million audio impressions
  • A listen-through rate of 95.1%.
  • 871K bonus display impressions
  • 2.3K bonus clicks (which cannot be delivered by Radio).