Lamb Creative Group, AXIS Integrated, Bruce Clay, Canada Sanitization Solutions and Render Media Among Their New Trading Partner Network


(Toronto, ON) April 21, 2021 Active International, a media and asset solutions company and Canadian leader in Corporate Trade, is thrilled to be partnering with five premier Canadian companies to expand client services beyond media to include marketing and other business services.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many businesses to address emerging issues, like protecting employees or setting up digital sales platforms. Active International reached out to their extensive client base to find out how they could help. Clients identified several high-priority needs, including access to creative production services, public relations, email marketing and search engine optimization as well as options for acquiring personal protective equipment, as areas where they needed support.

In response, Active International secured new partnerships with some of Canada’s leading companies in their respective fields. Lamb Creative Group, AXIS Integrated, Bruce Clay, Canada Sanitization Solutions and Render Media are now providing these additional products and services that will transform assets into new forms of value for Active International’s clients.

“Rapidly changing marketplaces demand bold thinking and actions,” said Andrew Bulmer, President, Managing Director Canada, Active International. “Our goal is always to help our clients achieve more. Expanding our trading partnerships into media-adjacent areas adds value for all of our clients, giving them more options and access to use their credits.”

Active enables advertisers to use their unsold products to fund advertising campaigns, through a process known as Corporate Trade or Barter. Active purchases the unsold products at a higher value than they would be worth on the open market, but instead of paying for the products in cash, they pay in credits. The client then uses those credits to part-pay for media campaigns through Active’s Media Buying team. The result is better bottom line impact by recovering product write-downs, all while driving media efficiency. Clients can unlock and redirect more value to campaigns that focus on driving business growth.

“Active International is a global leader in corporate trade and we’re thrilled to work alongside their talented team,” said Nikki Lamb Tudico, President, Lamb Creative Group. “Together we will bring Active’s clients even more value by helping them accomplish their campaign goals by leveraging strategic marketing and PR executions.”

New Partners Include:

Lamb Creative Group is an award-winning Marketing and Public Relations Agency that supports campaigns across Canada, the United States, and Europe. From strategy through to execution, Lamb Creative Group helps brands amplify awareness, growth and sales through PR, Branding, Creative Content, Influencer Campaigns, and Events.

AXIS Integrated is an award-winning data management agency that delivers best-in-class CRM and marketing automation solutions that drive business growth. Their Intelligent Lead NurturingTM solution helps clients deliver data-driven, personalized, timely and enticing email content.

Bruce Clay is a leading search marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses of all sizes meet their search engine optimization challenges. Services include addressing drops in search traffic, site re-designs and increasing website traffic and revenue.

Canada Sanitization Solutions is a team of supply chain experts that manage personal protective equipment and sanitizer supply to small, medium and large enterprises. Products include sanitizer, masks, hair nets, face shields, gloves, customized white-label solutions and more.

Render Media is an award-winning video agency that has been engaging audiences through video, digital media and experiences since 2008. They offer full-service production for broadcast and online advertising in short and long formats as well as corporate, training, health and safety, animation, event sizzlers and corporate documentary videos.

If your company is looking to explore Active’s innovative Corporate Trade model and trading partner network, reach out to to see what’s possible, or view our brochure here.