Erin Ewing is the CEO and co-founder of Greener Matters, a group of sustainability consultants firmly committed to helping businesses prepare themselves for the new economy of the triple bottom line: people, planet, and profit. Before becoming a sustainability professional, he had a 20-year career in media, starting out in classified sales for Dennis publishing then swiftly shifting into digital at CNET Networks, where he began his journey in digital and business transformation. Erin transferred all of his skills to sustainability after having the opportunity to help build Channel 4’s sustainability strategy in 2019.  Once Covid hit he seized the opportunity to hit the reset button and launch Greener Matters with his business partner.


Erin is on a mission to help businesses understand that they can be profitable and equitable to society whilst also sustaining our planet for future generations. He believes that the urgent challenges that are now facing the world need a radically different way of doing business, which is why Greener Matters now exists, to help realise a vision of fair and just prosperity. He firmly believes that business can help solve the social and environmental challenges facing us today by working together in collaboration, by reprioritizing our values and making planet and people as important as profit.  The old way of doing things is slowly dying and a new collective, caring and compassionate way of being is now within reach.

Originally from Buffalo, NY, Erin has lived and worked in the UK since 1998, with a 4-year stint in the Middle East between 2009-2013.

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