Carrier Enterprise Canada (CEC) tasked Active International with driving qualified, geographically targeted leads to their national dealer network. This was executed via a centralized web-based dealer locator, generating consumer engagement for rebate promotions. They wanted to do this while reducing their cash expense on media.

Active Innovation:

  • Active planned and executed a diverse digital campaign for CEC, leveraging its extensive knowledge of Facebook, search engine marketing, behavioral/content targeting, and retargeting.
  • Agility in optimizing the campaign by Active’s digital team resulted in over-delivery against targets for the campaign.
  • Carrier Enterprise Canada (CEC) applied trade credits from a previous inventory trade-in to reduce the cash costs of the campaign.

Achieving More:

  • The campaign had over 50 million impressions and saw a 38% reduction in customer cost of acquisition.
  • It more than tripled their Google Search conversion rate.
  • Overall since 2014, Active International has delivered an average 15% savings on TV media executions, including premium NHL Sponsorship packages.
  • CEC has also used Active’s trading model to triple their return on 6 different inventories since 2014