This client initially came to Active in Canada to solve an inventory challenge when faced with delisting as well as slow-moving product in Canada and the U.S.
At the same time, the company’s VP of Marketing was challenged with a lack of resources and handled all elements of marketing and advertising on his own.

Active Innovation:

  • The client does not work with a traditional AOR, so they rely on the expertise of Active’s media team to plan and buy all of their media.
  • Active provides valuable resources and media recommendations to this client, while also providing cost efficiencies that would not exist with traditional media agencies.

Achieving More:

  • Having Active as a media partner and resource allows the client to be agile and focus their time and efforts on growing their brand and preparing for the needs of tomorrow.
  • Not only do they save money on agency fees, but they also part-fund their media campaigns using trade credits, allowing for savings that go straight to their marketing budget.

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