At our virtual round table event, we invited senior marketing leaders from our UK clients, Bloom & Wild, Freixenet Copestick and Pret a Manger, to talk us through the lessons they have learnt from a turbulent 2020.

    Gary Taylor | Director of Acquisition Marketing – Bloom & Wild
    Lucy Auld | Head of Marketing – Freixenet Copestick
    Tony Holdway | Former Senior Marketer – Dreams, Domino’s & Pret a Manager


We discussed how their businesses have had to pivot, practice agility and be prepared to change plans with a moment’s notice.

Lucy, Gary and Tony also spoke of their experience working with Active International and incorporating Corporate Trade into their marketing plans.

Gary Taylor, Director of Acquisition Marketing for Bloom & Wild stated, “Working with Active has been a pleasure. It has absolutely helped us achieve more for our business … We have been able to use our products to part-fund our media cost, which is obviously a big win.

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