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Employee Stories

Employee Stories

Active was founded on the core principle that good ideas can come from anywhere, and indeed having a diverse global talent pool is critical to us. It is well-documented that diverse teams produce better results and moreover, we want each employee to feel supported in bringing their whole selves to work each day. In return, we expect every one of our employees to foster a safe, friendly and inclusive environment for all colleagues. What is the Active experience really like? Our employees will tell you!

Fantastic Company Culture!

I’ve been in the social media industry since the early days and have had the opportunity to work for startups, client side and agencies. There is no better work environment and culture that I have experienced than the one here at Active. From our Managing Director, Andrew Bulmer, on down to the newest media assistant and across all departments, the people at Active are some of the best I’ve ever worked with.
The Active team is made up of smart, passionate and fun people. We all work hard towards our transparent company objectives, and recognize the role that a healthy work environment plays in ensuring success.
The Culture Club does an outstanding job of keeping everyone engaged. The senior management team has also created an environment that keeps me waiting for Monday to come around so I can come back to work. I know it sounds strange but this is the best place I’ve ever worked.

Karim Kanji

Director, Social & Emerging Media

A Shared Vision Company Wide

What really stands out to me at Active is the existence of a shared vision that permeates company wide. Every member of the Active team, regardless of their position in the organizational chart, understands our shared goals and objectives and how we are tracking to achieve them.

When everyone understands the shared results we strive for as a team, it’s enabled us to understand how our own roles and responsibilities can help achieve those goals.

Scott Miles

Senior Director, Client Solutions

I Love our Culture Club!

I love being involved with the Culture Club and planning fun events and celebrations throughout the year. The great group of people working at Active make it a pleasure to work here. Go Team!

Andrea Lloyd

Senior Key Account Buyer

Giving Back to the Community

It is wonderful to work alongside such a great a group of smart, passionate and caring people. There is an amazing dedication to corporate social responsibility.

The Active Cares program encourages it tremendously – whether it’s donating to our official corporate charity motionball for Special Olympics, contribution matching to an employee’s charity of choice, or a reduced carbon footprint with our work from home options.

Kimberly Presnail

SVP, Marketing & Culture

More Than Just a Job

Throughout my life I’ve held many different jobs, each with a unique culture and work environment. Far and away the best is Active. In my time here, not only has Active ensured I have the proper knowledge and skills to succeed, but they’ve made an incredible effort to welcome me as a part of the company.

I’ve never worked with a more professional and dedicated team that knows how to balance creating a vibrant work culture and working hard towards achieving company objectives. Too often a job feels, well, like a job. For Active, this couldn’t be further from the truth. This isn’t just a job, it’s a family and that is felt throughout.

Charlie Bossy

Associate Key Account Buyer