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Recognition and Training

We like to recognize and celebrate successes both small and large. This creates a positive, supporting and encouraging work environment, and helps motivate employees to reach for the next level. And, we offer training opportunities that can lead to career advancement.


PROPS (Peers Recognizing Other Peers’ Success) Program
Our PROPS Program is a way to highlight employees going the extra mile to make the Active experience great. As a bonus, participants collect points that can be redeemed for gift cards or extra time off.

Employee Anniversary Program
Active owes our success to the longstanding contributions and experience of our workers, and we believe that milestone anniversaries deserve special notice. The Active International Employee Anniversary Program commemorates five, ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, and thirty years of service with company recognition and a personalized award and gift.

Employee Milestones
We have in-office celebrations to make our teammates feel extra special for any important milestone – be it a birthday, upcoming wedding, baby on the way, or any other personal accomplishment.


Active International is committed to employee growth and career progression, and offers a variety of opportunities for learning and development. Employees from all levels of the organization are encouraged to attend industry events and seminars on a regular basis. In addition to that, an internal Job Shadowing program was introduced into the organization at the end of 2017, to allow employees to learn new skills from members of other teams. Active also proudly supports a Tuition Assistance Program which provides encouragement and financial assistance to employees interested in self-development and career advancement. The program allows employees to improve their effectiveness in current positions and prepare themselves for related future assignments.