Guaranteed ROI Solution

Guarantee new business from your advertising campaigns. 

Finding new business routes and new customers us a constant challenge for most businesses. Working with Active International can guarantee ROI from your advertising spend even before you campaign goes live. 

Ideal for companies who:

  • do not want trade credits
  • need to immediately tie product sales to a campaign
  • are looking for new distribution channels


Active International works with your media agency to identify and recommend tradable media opportunities and partners, and estimate the amount of new business that a plan could generate 
Your agency negotiates quality and price as normal
Active International and your agency will confirm your media campaign with the media owners
Active International applies the additional trade value for your media plan. This value is generated by its trading partnerships and upfront investments with media providers
In exchange for placing your media campaign through Active, we guarantee to purchase an agreed amount of your product back. It is typically a percentage of your advertising campaign value (i.e 10% -30% of your campaign value)
Or, we introduce you to a net new buyer of your product through our trading network
You receive the full value of the contract as normal from any new buyer introduced by Active

Download the powerpoint presentation to learn more:
Guaranteed ROI Solution