Case Study: How to launch a movie streaming service and generate new clients


A well-known retailer was looking to launch an online movie streaming service and wanted to maximize their new customers.

Corporate Trade solution

1. Active worked with the media agency to identify and recommend tradable opportunities and partners

2. Active traded the resultant media spend and bought back an agreed amount of gift vouchers in cash from the client

3. Vouchers were traded with media partners (in return for media space)  to be used for staff incentives and reader promotions. 



  • Purchased vouchers represented incremental business and customers

Media partner

  • Helped facilitate media spend and increased media efficiency by generating increased ROI for the client
  • Reader promotions drove magazine subscriptions
  • Media partners were able to pay for gift vouchers using the media space


  • Gained media space as payment for vouchers
  • Media space was then sold to clients in exchange for cash and stock
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